Become A Peer Mentor

The Greater Boston Chapter peer mentors are individuals who are living successful, fulfilling lives and have the strong desire and skills to work with others to achieve their own fulfilling life. To become a peer mentor you must:

  • Be post injury 2-3 years
  • Be a good listener, without judging others
  • Have the desire to work with others
  • Be active in the community and have a positive outlook on life
  • Have the ability to think beyond one’s self and be understanding of others
  • Be an advocate for others
  • Have the time to volunteer
  • Be able to travel in the Boston area
  • Be able to attend some of the GBC support groups as part of the training program
  • Complete the GBC Peer Mentoring Training Program and the Spaulding Rehabilitation Volunteer Program
  • Pass a federal background check through the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital volunteer program

To become a peer mentor, Contact Us

What We Ask of You
We expect our peer mentors to:

  • Protect patient confidentiality at all times per HIPPA guidelines
  • Keep commitments
  • Work with the Director to arrange meetings with individuals
  • Be respectful of hospital staff and their responsibites to the patients
  • Use your best judgment at all times
  • Let the individual set the topics and pace of the visits
  • Share your experiences through “this is what worked for me”.
  • Abide by the Greater Boston Chapter Code of Conduct
  • Abide by the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, or other hospital, rules of conduct and privacy

What Can I Expect in Training?
The initial training program involves a series of on line readings, training DVD’s, HIPPA certification through Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, attendance at several support groups and working with other peer mentors to build experience and confidence in visiting patients. The training process generally takes about 3 weeks depending on your schedule.
Additional training programs are held as identified.

What is my Time Commitment as a Volunteer?
We encourage our new volunteers to commit 1-2 days a week, 3-4 hours/day, for the first few months. Week days, or a portion of, are desirable. After the initial training period, we encourage you to stay active on a “somewhat” regular basis. We do not have a specific number of hours as the frequency of volunteering is often determined by the needs of the individuals with whom you are working.

What does the Chapter charge for meeting with individuals?
We do not, and have never, charged for our services. We rely on donations, sponsors and grants to fund our program.