Talking to someone who is already living in a chair has helped me a lot. They have already been down the same path.”

Alan, paraplegia

After I was discharged, the Greater Boston peers were there for me through emails and phone calls to help answer my questions, and let me know I am not alone in my experiences. The mentors for the GBC are a great resource for any SCI patient to have in their toolbox.”

Michelle, paraplegia

When Chris first visited me in rehab, I was so angry but he came coming back. He showed me how to live with “this”.

Beth, paraplegia

My patient really appreciated being able to talk to someone who has been through what he is going through. You have a wonderful program.”

Social Worker, Whittier Rehab Hospital

My peer mentor, Mark, inspired me to not give up. He taught me how to problem solve and think ahead. I can do anything if I set my mind to it and simply figure out how to do it. I can be independent. Today, I am finishing college and preparing to apply to medical school. I also volunteer my time in the neurology/pain management center at a leading medical center and have fun playing sled hockey and skiing. All things I never imagined during those dark nights lying in my hospital bed."

Steve, paraplegia

I was fortunate to connect with Chris through the support group, at a time when I was weeks from being homeless. Not only did he help me find an apartment, he helped my apply for the B2B grant to get a bracket for my Hoyer lift and advocated for me with apartment management to get accessible locks an light switches. I am doing far better than I ever expected.”

Paul, quadriplegia

The family support group is the only thing that embraces family members, specifically. It was good to hear from others going through the same thing.”

Father, son with quadriplegia

Thank you Beth and RISE Above Paralysis for allowing me to attend this program. The small gains I have made in the two weeks are way more exponential than they seem, and I would not have been able to get back into a normal life without your support.”

Eric, quadriplegia, recipient of GBC scholarship to Empower SCI

"It was such a relief to get it all out.”

Wife, husband with quadriplegia, family support group attendee

"Many of our patients have commented how helpful the peer visits have been to them.”

Spaulding Rehab Hospital PM&R Physician

I want to thank you again for all of your assistance in helping me get a van. It is now almost three weeks that I have this van and it is making significant changes in my life to regain my independence and go back to work. Each time that I am driving this van, I feel how beneficial your organization is in support of individuals with disabilities.”

Mehran, paraplegia

“I called and asked “Can you help provide programs or resources as it has become clear that my brother (injured 18 months ago, tetraplegia, and now living in a nursing home) needs some brain stimulation due to lack of mobility and touch with the world outside the four walls he looks at each day.” Six months later my brother was in his own apartment. I am grateful for what the GBC has done.”

Andrea, sibling

My cousin spent some time talking with me about the support groups he goes to and how he never misses an opportunity to talk with or hear from someone who has a SCI. He told me he has learned so much from his peers. Just such an amazing resource.”

Kim, cousin with quadriplegia

The GBC peers prepared me for getting out and being independent in the “outside” world.”

Alan, paraplegia

Hi Chris. Great news! They are bringing my mom's wheelchair on Tuesday for her to try out at the nursing home. Hopefully she does well and her insurance will pay for it. She's been staying up out of bed about 6 hours a day. Finally, after several years! ! This wouldn't be possible without your help. Thanks sooo much!”

Jennifer, daughter, Mother with quadriplegia

Even though I did not see you every day, I know you were here. Thank you for all you did for us and for always being there even when I thought I did not need you.”

Tom, quadriplegia

The GBC-NSCIA mentors not only helped me during my stay in Spaulding, but also during my year afterwards. While in rehab, I attended the Tuesday GBC mentor groups and began to meet truly active, happy, independent SCI persons. Pam showed me how to swim, and Mark showed me some great wheelchair skills.”

Michelle, paraplegia

Hey Chris, I passed my driving exam yesterday. Thanks for putting me in contact with the adaptive driving program.”

Demetrius, paraplegia

It has been a blessing knowing Chris. He has been a good friend, and a great advocate. He has helped me out in many ways. From taking me to appointments and never giving up on me when I didn’t return his calls.”

Bicente, paraplegia

Thank you for supporting all of the clients. Being able to offer grants and gifts of wellness with your support makes my job a lot easier. It builds credibility and offers tangible results.”

Chris, paraplegic

Thanks to the Greater Boston Chapter of the National Spinal Cord Injury Association, I was able to restart my life nearly 3 years ago with an overall positive attitude. Through the excellence of the foundation’s leaders and peer mentors, I was provided with a state of mind necessary to partake in a winter activity I once loved beforehand, namely skiing.”

Steve, paraplegia

Since receiving the mattress, my sleep patterns have improved and I have not developed any new skin abrasion. Chris is a wonderful advocate.”

Demetrius, paraplegia

Pam is the one who told me that when going down the sidewalk and talking with a friend, look at the sidewalk and not your friend. Sidewalks can be bumpy!”

Alan, paraplegia